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2019 IAYRA Coaches Clinic and Rules Meeting

2019 IAYRA Coaches Clinic & Rules Meeting Registration

Welcome to the IAYRA Spring 2019 Coaches Clinic Registration

Below is what information will be presented in each session. Please fill out all of the following fields and select the sessions that you would like to attend in the next page.

Session 1 (8 am - 10 am): Rugby Sport-Specific Conditioning Programming

Cost $30. *Continuing education credit is yet to be finalized for this session.


When it comes to planning sport-specific conditioning program, three main things need to be taken into consideration: The work-to-rest ratio the sport calls for, the intensity levels the athlete must perform at, and the overall duration of game play.


Many times coaches fall into two categories. They either throw a simple warmup jog and a couple of killers together to get the kids sweating, or, they totally neglect conditioning and simply use it sporadically as punishment.


Southeast Polk Rugby has used conditioning as a tool to earn 7 consecutive state tiles with a  club record 99-3-2. SEP averages three trys in the second half and have been able to send multiple athletes to college with partial or full ride scholarships. We attribute a lot of this success to conditioning. 25% of every practice is spent on conditioning drills. One of our team philosophies is a conditioned athlete is an effective athlete.

This workshop has been created to equip coaches with tools for conditioning their athletes.



8:00 - 8:30          Covering the basics of conditioning - energy systems, work to rest ratios, and training loads.

8:30 - 9:30          Demonstration of skills, including but not limited to clap starts, 60 yd shuttles, 90 yd shuttles, 300 yd shuttles, lateral mirrors, flying 60s, the swing mile, and 3 minutes swing test.

9:30 - 10:00       Explanation of your rugby conditioning program and Q & A


During the workshop you will receive an 8-week conditioning program designed to progress your team from pre-season shape to game shape. Coaches are encouraged to bring an athlete, preferably a team captain, to participate in drills. There will be athletes there to help demonstrate drills.


Wokshop is led by Matt Sillanpaa, CSCS, RKC: Earning a degree from Grand View University i Health Promotion: Fitness Management, Matt has built a career training over 1500 high school athletes in multiple sports. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Assocation. He is also a certified kettlebell coach through the Russion Kettlebell Certification (RKC). This background brings a technical and detailed approach to his athletic programming which helped multiple teams earn state, regional, and national titles of the past decade.

Session 2 (10 am - 12pm): Building Blocks of a Mental Gameplan

Cost $30. *Continuing education credit is yet to be finalized for this session.


This workshop will focus on increasing awareness of energy, focus, and self-coaching, and learning helpful strategies to maintain confidence as the foundation of your performance - not the result of your performance.


Workshop led by Carmen Tebbe Priebe, Ph. D, licensed psychologist and Certified Mental Perormance Consultant. Carmen is currently in a part-time sport psychologist role at the University of Iowa Athletics Department and has a private practice in the Des Moines, IA area. Before her family moved to Iowa in 2015, Carmen was the Director for Psychological Resources for University of Oklahoma Athletics.


Carmen is active in numerous national efforts at promoting elite athlete mental health and performance optimization, including participating in the NCAA Task Force to Advance Mental Health Best Practices and serving as a Subject Matter Expert for the AASP Job Task Analysis. Carmen was a volleyball student-athlete at USC Upstate, earned her master's degree in Experimental Psychology from Wake Forest University, and Counseling Psychology PH.D. (with emphasis on sports psychology) from the University of North Texas.

Lunch Break: On Your Own (12pm - 1 pm)

Session 3 (1pm - 2:30 pm): IAYRA Mandatory Coaches Rules Meeting

Cost $0.


All head and assistant coaches are encouraged to attend.

If a coach is not able to attend, the rules meeting session will be broadcast live through an online meeting format. The rules meeting will also be recorded for viewing at a later date with a quiz to document viewing.


Session led by IAYRA Executive Director Dennis Oilver, IAYRA Girls Program Director/ IAYRA Treasurer Matthew Wilson, IAYRA Coaches Association Chair Clinton Gadbury


Page 13 of the IAYRA Coaches Manual states, "Mandatory Head Coaches Rules Meeting Attendance Head coaches in all sport programs sponsored by the Iowa High School Rugby Association in which rules meetings are conducted are required to attend/view a rules meeting annually. The penalty for a head coach not attending/viewing a rules meeting is: ―If the head coach does not attend/view a rules meeting, the coach will not coach or attend any IAYRA-sponsored tournament/event in that sport during the school year. They must attend a secondary rules meeting to be reinstated."

Session 4 (2:30 pm - 4:00 pm): Rugby/School Relationships and Program Best Practices

Cost $0.


This workshop focuses on 1) developing the rugby program-school relationship to foster trust and growth of school based rugby programs, and 2) discussing program best practices relating to recruiting players, fundraising, and program development including High Performance options.


Workshop is led by Matthew Wilson, former head coach of Valley High School Boys and Girls Rugby teams, current IAYRA Girls Program Director; and Brent Wheeler, current head coach of Southeast Polk Boys Rugby and winner of 7 consecutive IAYRA Boys State Titles.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Clinton Gadbury

IAYRA Coaches Association Chair